NewsFilm crew visits

September 17, 2017by brainiumlabs

We had an adventure Group who print Caravan World, Camper Trailer, Adventures, Outdoor and Wanderer magazines, as well as publish and booking websites come in on the 30th of September to film and take images of two lovely families doing the cultural experience with Manuel.

The children were very young but Manuel kept them interested throughout the experience. Their paintings were really good. Their fire technique impressive and once they get more strength they will get the ember burning. Big red nearly got hit but was lucky for another day. Wallabies received lots of cuddles.

Judi Sally’s mum did the best Echidna paitning, wrote “a wonderful hands-on day. It will forever be etched in our memories. Thank you so much for the experience.” Rob and Sally wrote “fantastic experience. We loved Manuel’s explanation and his story. Artwork and hunting were great and the kids love it.”

The Godfredson family wrote. “G’day manuel. You are a great story teller and awesome artist. thanks for sharing with us. Go Tigers!!!“

So we know this family are very happy after the AFL final.