NewsCultural Experience 2020

October 20, 2020by Top Didj

It’s been a very weird year at Top Didj with no tourists coming to see us until June and then only a few until the voucher scheme started.  Territorians started touring their own state and have really enjoyed doing so.  In the last few months, we have had families from South Australia, Queensland, and NSW book tours.  We have even had families from Victoria who started their holiday before Covid started and the odd international families who also arrived in Australia at the beginning of the year and don’t want to go back to their own country until it’s safe to do so. Here are some reviews from the families who we have had this year.

Just what we had been looking for! Manuel is a rare survivor who conveys country and people through music, art, and ways of living. Excellent! Heather Colcott September. Wonderful experience. Amazing Thank you for sharing your stories.  I learned so much.  We hunted and cooked our food and had a very important education in the .true Australia.  Thank you for sharing your life and knowledge with us-everyone should have this experience-you are a charismatic person who kept us smiling. Members of the Carmody family 17th October.  Just fabulous, super interesting, and the best cultural experience we have had!!! Loved hearing about Manuel’s life. Tanya, Ben, Layla, Bridget, and Alex. Great experience, Manuel was funny, interesting, loved the art class. Great fun for the kids. Bill, October.  So glad we got to experience this. The whole family loved it. Uzkurcatis family.  Loved the entire experience. Manuel was awesome and the joeys adorable. Keira Parr.  Top Didj was the most extraordinary look into one aboriginal man’s experience growing p in the bush.  Manuel is an amazing artist, storyteller, singer, an inspiration after giving up alcohol 12 years ago.  We were lucky enough to have him tell us how he grew up, stories from his tribe, and teach us how to paint his traditional paintings.  He also taught us hat wood to use to make firesticks and showed us how to light a fire.  We learned how to throw a spear-like his tribe used to do.  Dallas even speared the kangaroo.  We all had so many questions and Manuel was so obliging.  We left feeling like we had made a new friend.  After our teachings we got to snuggle with some wallaby rescues- even Matt got in on the action.  It was such a wonderful afternoon with knowledge gained that no school can teach.  Thank you Top Didj. Traveling through life Cooper family October 202