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December 13, 2020by Top Didj

October and November I attended Online events organized by Tourism Australia where we connected to agents in North America, Mexico, Brazil, and Canada then again in the UK and Europe. These agents sell Australia to their clients and the good news is, everyone can’t wait to get back down under.  I had 8 mins to sell our product and the surrounding area.  I meet some great people and have made contacts for when international flights start back up again.  Also, some have agencies in Australia and will be concentrating on the domestic market next year and are eager to sell what we have to offer.  It was a great learning curve for me, sitting in my kitchen talking to people all over the world, up at 4 am for the North America virtuals, and I made some great contacts.

Where I did my virtuals to the world, my kitchen.
Here I am showing an agent, Sweetpea, as we are wildlife carers, so as well as our gallery and cultural experience with Manuel we have Agile wallabies in the yard that their clients can hold or feed sweet potatoes.
Have a chat with Nancy from the UK
A session with an agent in the UK. Australia is a very popular destination still and apparently more so with our safety record.