NewsEnd of the season

December 13, 2020by Top Didj

Like lots of tourist businesses, this year was really a non-event.  We opened up for the local tourist who started to check out their own states especially when the Government introduced vouchers where they could save money as well as check out what is in their own back yard. It helped us a bit but people mainly went for the big-ticket items.  I think I would have done the same thing if I had been organized before they all ran out!!! Once the borders started to open we had some families coming in so we stayed open a little longer this year. We met some great families some of who have been on the road since March not wanting to go back to Victoria until things improved, which thankfully they have.  I think 2021 will be a bit year for us and lots of other tour businesses. Below is just some of the wonderful people we met this year.