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NewsFun Morning

July 11, 2018

Great fun and amazing art is always on the cards at Top Didj. And lots of education on what it was like living in the bush and how to survive in the bush. Diego and Michela from Italy said. “Such an amazing experience that makes us wanna know more about aboriginal culture. Manuel. thank you”....

NewsWonderful Time

July 11, 2018

Sue brought her mum Pat into meet Manuel after she had done the Cultural Experience 9 years ago with her husband Monte on the 4th August 2009. We even found their comment in the visitor’s book. This time Sue wrote “We have had a wonderful time and appreciate how beautiful Manuel’s work is. Thank you”.

Great way to spend a Saturday afternoon learning about what it was like finding food and sleeping in the bush under the stars. That is Manuel’s story. One comment was “Very interesting. Thank you Manuel we loved to hear your story. You have a fantastic personality and smile”.

Great start to 2018 season with AATKing coming in on ANZAC Day with a great group from Canada, America and Australia who all thought it was fantastic and a special sharing time. Well done Manuel!

Great afternoon was had by all. Some comments were. “Mannie we loved your stories.’ and ” Wonderful experience. Manuel is an awsome good teacher and fun.”

First of May has come and gone. What a great way to open for the season. Sold a Manuel didj and painting in the morning and had Emanuel college in the afternoon with a great bunch of kids. Lots of fun was had by all.

NewsMerry Christmas

December 2, 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the tourists and tour companies who visited us and participated in the Cultural Experience with Manuel or bought didgeridoos, art or souvenirs from us throughout the year and wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas and a wonderful New...

Fun was had this afternoon with a family from Geelong. The wallabies were cuddled and fed sweet potato. All the family discovered they were all talented artist. A fire was lit but big red gets to see another day. Meg wrote “awesome, we had a great time”. Milla wrote. “Fabulous teacher. Learnt many new skills....

Thank you for the art lesson and sharing your story. It was an inspiring experience.” This says it all really. Everyone of the agents from Switzerland and Germany loved the fact that is was mostly all interactive. We got great rarrk paintings done a fire lit BUT big red lives for another day. Our wallabies...

NewsFilm crew visits

September 17, 2017

We had an adventure Group who print Caravan World, Camper Trailer, Adventures, Outdoor and Wanderer magazines, as well as publish and booking websites come in on the 30th of September to film and take images of two lovely families doing the cultural experience with Manuel. The children were very young but Manuel kept...

Again we have been getting “awesome time, Engaging and enjoyable, informative, interesting, learnt a lot”, and of course all said Manuel was a good teacher and they loved his personality. Still getting tourists through but it has slowed down as the weather warms up.

NewsAmazing experience

August 23, 2017

The heading is what people have been saying after their experience with Manuel. “Manuel has such a beautiful smile” “Amazing cultural experience given by a real aboriginal, he is really funny and kind.” “Fantastic experience and one of the highlights of our holiday. Great hands on fun” “Best part of the tour, meeting Manuel” “A...


August 7, 2017

July and August is our busiest time. We have had some wonderful groups and families through who have really enjoyed their time with Manuel. Everyone has loved his stories and doing the paintings. We have had some school groups through and senior groups as well. This quote sums it all up: “Very insightful and educational....

It has been a very busy July with lots of families and bus groups coming in to learn about aboriginal cultural, buy some art, didjeridoos and top quality souvenirs. All are thankful they have had the opportunity to spend time with Manuel and hear his story and also get to cuddle a wallaby. In our...