Cultural Interaction In Katherine

Aboriginal Cultural Experience

Prices: $80 Adult, $50 Child (3-15 yrs)
Session Times: 9:30am and 2:30pm 7 days a week from May to October

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The Top Didj Cultural Experience is a two to two and a half hour activity that is available for 2 sessions per day. Visitors can interact with Top End Aboriginal artist Manuel Pamkal and ask questions about aboriginal culture whilst being educated on the significance of his painting style, weapons used and how he lived off the land.

The highlight of the Cultural Experience and what sets it apart from other cultural experiences, is the painting style which is demonstrated by an aboriginal artist.

Travelling through life.  Cooper family October 2020

Top Didj was the most extraordinary look into one aboriginal man’s experience growing p in the bush.  Manuel is an amazing artist, storyteller, singer and inspiration after giving up alcohol 12 years ago.  We were lucky enough to have him tell us how he grew up, stories from his tribe, and teach us how to paint his traditional paintings.  He also taught us hat wood to use to make firesticks and showed us how to light a fire.  We learned how to throw a spear-like his tribe used to do.  Dallas even speared the kangaroo.  We all had so many questions and Manuel was so obliging.  We left feeling like we had made a new friend.  After our teachings we got to snuggle with some wallaby rescues- even Matt got in on the action.  It was such a wonderful afternoon with knowledge gained that no school can teach.  Thank you Top Didj

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Other key activities included in the Cultural Experience are:

Cultural Talk – Manuel Pamkal, winner of the Tourism NT Brolga  award in 2013, for outstanding interpretive guide, is happy to talk about growing up in the bush, cultural differences, tribal life and his own family tree after playing a traditional welcoming tune on the didgeridoo.

Painting – Manuel  will teach the technique of Rarrk painting (Cross Hatch). Visitors will then paint their own artwork to take  home as their souvenir.

Fire Lighting – Visitors have an opportunity to participate in the ancient craft of lighting a fire by rubbing two extraordinary stick together and be fascinated by the story describing the two sticks.

Spear Throwing – Our resident guide Manuel explains the use of a Woomera and Spear to perfectly hit the target that is a fake kangaroo.

After the hands on activities, visitors then have an opportunity to look through the Aboriginal Art Gallery  to purchase souvenirs along with authentic didgeridoos and artwork.

Visitors can interact with some of Australia’s wildlife as there are always  joey wallabies around – Alex and Petrena give you a warm welcome, both as wildlife carers.

“We can provide flexibility to cater for small or large groups. Our experience is also a perfect addition to school excursions and conference groups.”