Lajamanu ArtBiddy Long – Purrparlarla Dreaming

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This is country or place near Chilla Well in the Tanami Desert . Purpurlarla belongs to Nungarrayi. It is the country she was familiar with as a child and comes to her from her Patriarchal Lineage.

Nungarrayi is a traditional woman bringing years of bush living and travel by foot and later in life vehicle to her painting. Her early life was with other Warlpiri on Mt Doreen cattle station when her family wasn’t travelling around their lands. She has worked for many years teaching Warlpiri language and culture to children in the school’s bilingual education program. Her initial medium was ochre when painting onto the body for ceremonies, and she still practices this, as well as painting with acrylic onto canvas and linen. Nungarrayi delights in the variations of colors now available to her. Her sister Lily Nungarrayi Jurrah/Hargraves was also a committed artist and they often painted at this art center together. Nungarrayi began painting in 1986 in Lajamanu after a TAFE course introduced the community to Acrylic and Canvas. Biddy Nungarrayi was using the surname Jurrah, but wants to now use Long from
her husband that has long since passed away. Nungarrayi’s art has been widely exhibited in Australia and is held in major national collections.

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Title: Purrparlarla Dreaming

Size: 850x500

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Painted: 2022