Alice Springs ArtistsBush Onion Dreaming – Doreen Dickson Nakamarra SOLD

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Doreen is a traditional Warlpiri woman from Willowra Community which is approximately 250km North West of Alice Springs in Central Australia. 

Born in 1956 on her families traditional homelands, Doreen grew up immersed in her culture and traditions. Her works often feature women’s ceremonies and business and her Dreaming Ngurlu, or the English translation, Damper Seed. Her Ngurlu Dreamings are quite breathtaking; her style is a fine dotting technique in black and white filigree which creates a striking and complex composition.

The stories that Doreen depicts through her art are important to her and her people in ensuring that continuity of her knowledge is passed down through the generations. Doreen utilises a variety of  styles and traditional aboriginal iconography and symbols in her paintings whilst also being bold in her interpretations of the body paint designs. 

This painting depicts Aboriginal iconography referring to the woman digging for bush onion. Bush onions are a traditional bush tucker for Aboriginal people in central Australia. They are of significance to certain Aboriginal people who own this Dreaming and totem. This means they have been given stories of the origins of the bush onion, and are entitled to tell and paint these stories.

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Dimensions 880 × 935 mm