Aboriginal ArtReggie SultanDigging for Honey Ants

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Title: Digging for honey ants

Size: 690 x 1010

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Painted: August 2021

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Title: Digging for Honey Ants

Size: 690 x 1010

Medium: Canvas

Painted: 2021


The ants have to be removed without breaking the honey sac.  Some are eaten immediately, the rest are taken back home to share with others.  To eat the honey, you very delicately pick up the ant, holding the head and body between your fingers (so that it doesn’t bite your lips). Placing the honey sac between your lips, you suck the honey, which bursts from the sac, and then throw the ant down on the ground. Done gently, the ant survives.  Eating honey ants is the most delicious experience – the rush of honey is like an explosion of taste with the softest, sweetest honey you have ever tasted.