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DOB: 1972
Born: Papunya, NT
LANGUAGE GROUP: Pintupi/Ngaanyatjarra
COMMUNITY: Warakurna, WA

Gracie Ward Napaltjarri was born at Papunya in 1972, just after the Western Desert Indigenous Art movement started. She is the daughter of Wynne-Prize winning artist George Ward Tjungurrayi and esteemed elder Nyungawarra Ward Napurrula.

Gracie picked up a brush and started to paint with an assertiveness and assuredness which has resulted in a ‘creative explosion’. Her works have progressed to an exciting new level, as she continues to experiment with composition, texture, and new methods to express her stories.In recent years Gracie has captured the attention of the art world, being named as a finalist in the 2018 Mosman Art Prize – one of Australia’s oldest and most prestigious local government at awards – and selected as a finalist in the 2019 KAAF (Korea Australia Arts Foundation) Prize.

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Title: Muntati - My Grandmother\\\'s Country

Size: 2000 x 1070

Medium: Canvas