Lajamanu ArtMercia Lewis – Seed Dreaming

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This dreaming tells about the special seeds we use for grinding and making powder. The women add water to make a special damper. They put the damper in the coals for cooking. There are many different seeds we collect.
Kirda or owner of this Jukurrpa (Dreaming) is the skin groups Napurrurla, Nakamarra, Jupurrurla and Jakamarra. Kurdungurlu or checking group of people are Nungarrayi, Napangardi, Jungarrayi and Japangardi.
This painting depicts the ngurlu (seeds), marna (grass), Karnta (women), their parraja (oval wooden dishes) kajipa (dancing sticks).

Mercia has painted at the art centre since 2009 when she lived in Lajamanu. Since then she now lives in Katherine but always visits family. When Mercia is here she paints at the art centre. Mercia paints the traditional stories or body of knowledge for Napurrurla skin. Diamond doves, snakes, seeds and the harvesting of grain and about where here family comes from – her country. Her art work is in the tradition of the central desert region of dots.

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Title: Seed Dreaming

Size: 400x300

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Painted: 2022