Paddy FordhamBush Beef

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Paddy Fordham was born in Arnhem Land in the early 1930′s and passed away 1st June 2006.  His country is called Bamdibu near Bulman Station. Paddy started working as a boy around cattle yards, which finally led him into the career of a stockman for 20 years.  Before this, he spent much of his time hunting and learning culture and customs from his father and uncles.  He can remember being taken to sacred locations where he was told many Dreamtime stories of how customs came to be and why aboriginal people practice them.  Paddy’s unique depiction of the Mimi Spirit was the centre piece for most of his paintings.

This painting is about bush beef – Paddy  called all  bush meat  bush beef. They did not have  beef 9cattle) before white man came.

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Title: Bush Beef

Size: 800 x 500

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Painted: 2002