Billy HoganAboriginal ArtSnake Dreaming

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Title: Snake Dreaming

Size: 1200 x 820

Medium: Canvas


This painting tells the story of hungry snakes that ate two women of the Nungala skin group. The two women were hunting in the bush when the snakes found them. The snakes did not think of anything but their hunger. They left only the rib bones behind after eating the women. They felt very satisfied and returned to their hole to rest. The short straight lines represent the rib bones of the two women and the wavy lines represent the snakes. This story, (the outer meaning), represents only one of the meanings of this print. The inner meaning relates to special rain making ceremonies for Japaltjarri and Jungerayai men. In this story the wavy lines represent rainbows, the short parallel lines are clouds and the circles are waterholes. The Dreaming took place at Duck Pond near Lajamanu in the Northern Territory of Australia.