Billy HoganAboriginal ArtVine Dreaming

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Title: Vine Dreaming

Size: 1330 x 1040

Medium: Canvas


Ngalyipi [bush vine] is represented in this distinctive painting by curved lines that reflect the manner in which the vine grows along the trunks and limbs of the desert oak (kurrkara) trees. Snake vine has many utilitarian uses in Warlpiri society and it also carries great ceremonial significance for Warlpiri people.

Snake vine can be used to make shoulder straps for water carriers (ngami) and wooden food bowls (parraja), and can be applied as a tourniquet for headaches. It is also used to make a ceremonial wrap. Warlpiri Tjukurrpa or dreaming narratives refer to ancestral women gathering the bush vine. The Ngalyipi Tjukurrpa is also associated with initiation ceremonies for young men.