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Have you ever wanted to know what it was like for our first Australians living the traditional way hunting and gathering food, sleeping under the stars?  Manuel Pamkal would like to share his story about living this way when he was a child.  First, he will play you a tune on the didgeridoo then singing a song accompanied by clapsticks. Manuel will go on to tell you his amazing story of spending his days learning about all the different foods he could eat, and surviving in the bush from his mum, dad, and extended family.  He will demonstrate how to light a fire using two sticks and throw a spear with a woomera.

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‘it was a great experience and thank you for allowing us to be a part of it’

‘The experience was a wonderful escape from the day to day grind at our work desks. It was educational, funny, and most importantly left with a big smile and reinvigorated my passion and mission in life and protecting our land and culture. Thank you so much Manuel, TopDidj, and Welcome to Country for organizing and presenting this amazing virtual experience’

Thanks so much for organizing the zoom experience with Manuel this morning! We all loved it. Our 4-year-old was so excited to see Manuel start a fire without a lighter and has not stopped talking about that since. Thanks for brightening our Saturday mornings! (stuck in Melbourne, so not much going on here otherwise.        Simona

It was fantastic!! Loved all of it.  Definitely keen to do more and have shared on my social as more people should be doing it.  Manuel is so lovely!    Melissa


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