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Caroline Numina Pananka

Caroline comes from a long line of desert painters of the contemporary Aboriginal art and dot-dot central desert movement, taught to paint by their earlier elder painter grandmothers, mother-aunties and cousin-sisters, all connected across the Central Desert region.

She paints the stories of her heritage – bush tucker, bush medicine dreaming, mountain devil lizard dreaming, honey ant, emu and kangaroo dreaming, all painted in exquisite details and striking colours.

A Kaytetye Aboriginal artist from the Utopia region, Central Australia,  Caroline is one of six highly-talented and well-known desert artists known in the Aboriginal art world as the Numina Sisters.  Known for their bright and innovative works they are rapidly emerging as the next artistic dynasty in the contemporary aboriginal art world.

Along with her siblings, Caroline attended primary school at Stirling Station, a cattle station on the outskirts of Tennant Creek and from there went to high school at Kormilda College in Darwin. Having worked as a community officer in Ti Tree, Caroline is now based in Darwin travelling back to her homelands regularly.

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