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Great news!!! We are launching a new product, a virtual cultural experience.

With these uncertain times where people are unable to move around like they use to, we came up with a solution, a virtual cultural experience so that you can enjoy learning about Aboriginal culture by taking part virtually in Manuel Pamkal’s talk and activities.

Manuel is passionate about sharing his culture and giving you an insight into what it was like having to hunt for food and sleep beside a fire to keep warm at night. Manuel is missing your company and sharing his story, so we have decided to go LIVE.

WHEN: 8th August

TIME:    9:30 Central Standard Time. After that on demand

COST:    $40 includes GST  + $2.18 admin.

TripAdvisor review: Top Didj Cultural Experience & Art Gallery

No family member should miss Manuel as he explains his Aboriginal Culture with song, stories and his history. We learnt so much about our aboriginal people with humour and a thoroughly relaxed atmosphere and presentation by Manuel. A beautiful man with a passion to present his peoples history. June 2019

The Man, the Myth… Manuel

Wow what a fun day meeting Manuel and hearing his story. This fun interactive day was a highlight of our tour. We enjoyed learning how to paint traditional Aboriginal art, holding the baby wallabies and throwing the spear. Most importantly we learnt more about Aboriginal culture. We hope to meet again. From your mate Steve from Sydney 😃

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