Great news!!!

Experience Top Didj from anywhere in the world.

We now have the Cultural Experience On-Demand.

With these uncertain times where people are unable to move around like they use to, we came up with a solution, a virtual cultural experience so that you can enjoy learning about Aboriginal culture by taking part virtually in Manuel Pamkal’s talk and activities.

Manuel is passionate about sharing his culture and giving you an insight into what it was like having to hunt for food and sleep beside a fire to keep warm at night. Manuel was missing your company and sharing his story, so we decided to go LIVE on 8th August 2020.  We now have recorded a live session to provide on-demand. You can purchase the Cultural Experience On-demand through our shop for $10 and view it at your leisure as many times as you like for 7 days.

We also have the Cultural Experience LIVE.

We are able to do an actual live event so participants can interact with Manuel, however a minimum of 15 participants is required.

For further information, please contact Alex on +61(0)414 888 786

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‘It was a great experience and thank you for allowing us to be a part of it’

‘The experience was a wonderful escape from the day to day grind at our work desks. It was educational, funny and most importantly left with a big smile and reinvigorated my passion and mission in life and protecting our land and culture. Thank you so much Manuel, TopDidj, and Welcome to Country for organizing and presenting this amazing virtual experience’

Thanks so much for organizing the zoom experience with Manuel this morning! We all loved it. Our 4-year-old was so excited to see Manuel start a fire without a lighter and has not stopped talking about that since. Thanks for brightening our Saturday mornings! (stuck in Melbourne, so not much going on here otherwise. – Simona

It was fantastic!! Loved all of it.  Definitely keen to do more and have shared on my social as more people should be doing it.  Manuel is so lovely! – Melissa