Lajamanu ArtGladys Tasman – Bush Tomato

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This dreaming is about the plentiful bush tomatoes (wanakiji) that our people collected all over our country. The ripe tomatoes are found everywhere. There are two sorts of tomatoes, one large and one small. Sometimes the people use a special wood scoop to push the seeds out and then they dry the fruit in the
sun or near a fire. My grandmother sometimes cooked them in the fire for us to eat.

Born at Mamingirri, Napangardi started painted on canvas and linen in 1986 after TAFE ran a painting course in Lajamanu. Her first mediums prior to this, were on the body using ochres and oils and on wooden artefacts again using ochres. Gladys became a senior Law Lady here. Gladys was a cheerful lady and enjoyed teaching the youth at the school for many years. She taught Warlpiri traditions and language being proficient in all her Law and dance/ceremonies. She also painted at the local art center. Her works are in the National Gallery of Victoria and she has been in significant exhibitions including 1989 “Yuendumu and Ramingining”, and 1990 “Paint up Big” at the National Gallery of Victoria.

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Title: Bush Tomato

Size: 500x850

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Painted: 2022