Aboriginal ArtManuel PamkalHigh Ground – Sold

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When the rains come you gotta get ready because the flood water come night time or day time so you gotta know so you can look for a good spot “high ground”, like the animals in this painting have done. In the olden days when lightning came and clouds they would look for a cave and take big mob of paper bark to make a shelter or humpy. The kids were told to keep away from the rising water. They would keep an eye on them. They would make a fire in a cave and make sure it kept burning day and night. The fire was important to cook bush tucker and to keep warm. The men would make sure they wrapped up their fire sticks and dry grass in paper bark and put it in a safe place in a cave so they would always have fire. Now adays everything different. We live in houses but we still have to go to high ground. They have a special place for people to go. Animals seem to know what to do when the big rains come, and so they look for high ground, but we have a siren now to tell us to go to high ground.

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