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Sunday morning we had a couple, Jenny and Dion who moved to Katherine at the beginning of the year and a family from Brisbane Melanie, Dan, Andy Fay, Dorothy, and their dog Dave who are going to be here for a few months working.  All were glad to get out of the house, caravan and...

Well, who would have thought we would not be opening in 2020.  Still getting over the shock but never staying still.  Lots to get done and improve.  The build of the new gallery has commenced. Manuel is busy painting.  The surroundings have to be looked after, especially trying to eradicate the khaki prickle.  I have...

Hi everyone, we just wanted to let you all know what everyone is up to at Tip Didj during the Covid-19 pandemic. Manuel has been busy painting and his artwork is available on our online store. We’re in the process of building a new gallery on the grounds and it should be ready May next...

NewsBusy few months

July 23, 2019

Lots of holiday makers have been in to do the cultural experience with Manuel over the school holidays. Here is a few reviews left in the comment book: “This is the best cultural experience! Manuel is an amazing teacher of his culture and fantastic artist.” “ We were shown how to produce genuine Indigenous Artwork...

On the weekend we received a phone call from Katherine vet care to inform us of an agile wallaby joey, who was found on the Victoria highway, needing care. The day before, we picked up ‘Bubbles’ from Wildlife Rescue. So now we have two new lovely additions to the family.

NewsStart to 2019

May 11, 2019

It looks like we are in for a busy year.  We had to start doing Cultural Experiences in late April because of demand.  We also had lots of agents coming through in April to see what we have to offer and they all had a great time with Manuel and cuddling our wallabies and said...

NewsAustralian Story

February 22, 2019

Everyone please watch Australian Story this Monday 25th Feb to see Manuel. The story is about Dr Tim and the work he does in the communities. Dr Tim saved Manuel’s life and their is a twist in the story and you have to watch it to find out!!!!

Aussie Specialist Agents from Southern China in this morning. All loved their time with Manuel especially the painting. The fire was lit and big red was hit. The wallabies had lots and lots of cuddles. Some of the comments were. “Loved the painting session. would love to come back again. Excellent experience. Thank you.

Great to see St Augustine College students back at Top Didj. Great kids and a great time was had by all. They learnt lots from Manuel and had fun doing the hands on activities and cuddling our wallabies. See you next year St Augustine College Kyabram. Some students remarks: “This has been one of the...

Ed, Jacqui, Molly and Tom came back for another visit and brought along Ed’s brother and his family from the UK. Lovely to see everyone again and welcome extended family members, with both mum and dad hitting big red!!!! Really fun afternoon.

NewsFun holidays

July 11, 2018

We have all had lots of fun with the school holidays starting. Great paintings have been painted, lots of fires lit and big red has been hit lots of time and our wallabies are loving all the attention. Here are some of the comments from the last week: “Highlight of our visit to the NT....

NewsFun Morning

July 11, 2018

Great fun and amazing art is always on the cards at Top Didj. And lots of education on what it was like living in the bush and how to survive in the bush. Diego and Michela from Italy said. “Such an amazing experience that makes us wanna know more about aboriginal culture. Manuel. thank you”....

NewsWonderful Time

July 11, 2018

Sue brought her mum Pat into meet Manuel after she had done the Cultural Experience 9 years ago with her husband Monte on the 4th August 2009. We even found their comment in the visitor’s book. This time Sue wrote “We have had a wonderful time and appreciate how beautiful Manuel’s work is. Thank you”.

Great way to spend a Saturday afternoon learning about what it was like finding food and sleeping in the bush under the stars. That is Manuel’s story. One comment was “Very interesting. Thank you Manuel we loved to hear your story. You have a fantastic personality and smile”.

Great start to 2018 season with AATKing coming in on ANZAC Day with a great group from Canada, America and Australia who all thought it was fantastic and a special sharing time. Well done Manuel!

Great afternoon was had by all. Some comments were. “Mannie we loved your stories.’ and ” Wonderful experience. Manuel is an awsome good teacher and fun.”

First of May has come and gone. What a great way to open for the season. Sold a Manuel didj and painting in the morning and had Emanuel college in the afternoon with a great bunch of kids. Lots of fun was had by all.

NewsMerry Christmas

December 2, 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the tourists and tour companies who visited us and participated in the Cultural Experience with Manuel or bought didgeridoos, art or souvenirs from us throughout the year and wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas and a wonderful New...